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The Nirma Culture
  Nirma believes in disciplined, serene and pleasant working environment. Such environment helps to inspire the internal customers to deliver their best with greater satisfaction.
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The Nirma Culture
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Better Products.   Better Values.   Better Living.

Nirma believes in disciplined, serene and pleasant working environment. Such environment helps to inspire the internal customers to deliver their best with greater satisfaction.

Empowerment, Equality, Security and Opportunity are the vital values which organisation infuses in its vast employee-base. The conventional wisdom at Nirma empowers every employee to have autonomy in the way he can plan, organize and carry out his work.

  • Delegation is not confined only to the higher levels and there is adequate decentralization to the departmental level in all types of decision-making.
  • Equality, in our organization refers to integrity and honesty in all dealings between the staff and the organisation i.e., setting clear standards of performance; attitude and behaviour at work in rewarding performance. Equality of opportunities and access to promotion, training and development are absolute here.
  • We tend to provide the highly rewarded value - security, both economic and emotional. This value helps to instil family-kind relations among employees.
  • We also provide enough career advancement opportunities and thus they form another contemporary value. Career paths are clearly laid down for employees and they are helped to become aware of the career opportunities in the company. Managers share diversification / expansion plans to provide career related information.

Apart from these values, our management philosophy constitutes the management ethos of high order. People in our organization are more Action-goal oriented. They have a high sense of adequacy with clear goals about their future and are directed by these goals. Their proactive behaviour has led our company to a position of one of the top business houses of India.

Developing human resources is a continuous process at Nirma involving overseas training programmes, on-the-job orientation for the trainees, in-house computer education and personality development sessions. The belief is that all this makes an individual a better person, which in turn leads to better productivity and a spirit of accountability and commitment in each member of the Nirma family.

Also, employees here receive adequate information relating to their tasks through circulars, notices and meetings to enable them to plan and perform their jobs well. Apart from this, our organization pays attention to improving the communication infrastructure through latest technologies available in this area.

Nirma hires only the best people in their respective fields, people with a capacity to take on the challenge of realizing the Nirma's vision. Proactive, dynamic professionals with the expertise of executing mega projects would integrate Nirma into a conglomerate by providing the best in technological advancements, right from product development to inventing new categories. So, if you subscribe to this philosophy, we may have the right career opportunity for you.


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